Biological, narcotics, and terrorist attacks have increased radically in recent times which urged governments and organizations to improve security measurements by utilizing screening and detection systems in transportation, oil and gas, healthcare, public event centers, and other viable industries. Royal Engineering solutions are capable of deterring attacks and generating audible and visible alarms when detecting explosives, drugs, weapons, narcotics, metals, and other illegal items that are concealed in objects. 

With our distinctive screening and detection solutions, governments and organizations can now meet their responsibilities to protect public and land, prevent terrorist attacks, stop unauthorized materials from entry.

At Royal Engineering, we can provide our clients with vulnerability assessment to design and build the right screening and detection solution for each organization’s needs and demands.

Whether you need a system for single facility or multiple sites, we can provide end-to-end screening and detection systems that includes:

  • X-ray baggage scanners
  • X-ray van scanners
  • Conveyor belts
  • Workstations with high definition screens
  • Image analysis software with 6 color imaging
  • Audible and visual sirens
  • Handheld explosives and drug detectors
  • Walk-thru and handheld metal detectors

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