Conventional mechanism methods have been used to control physical access to restricted areas. Such means are helpful but does not provide adequate level of security and monitoring as it doesn’t keep records and can be lost or copied. Today, Royal Engineering offers access control systems that will allow or deny access to individuals, groups, and vehicles based on pre-defined rules, initiate automatic actions and provide concerned persons with detailed reports on all system activities and allow them to view and control events remotely using web based interface applications.

Access control systems will help organizations manage their employees, premises, assets, save reports, identify visitors and intruders, control emergency exit doors, prevent theft, and ensure the security of their premises and parking facilities. 

Our traffic control systems such as queuing and anti-shoplifting systems can help enhance customers shopping experience, keep track and forecast of the customer’s flow, monitor and optimize staff performance, manage and minimize queues, deter potential shoplifters, provide people counting and advertisement tools, and assist management in taking valuable decisions and actions.

With our guard tour system; organizations can now control, monitor, and provide detailed reports of all security personnel movements, plan and monitor their tours, and thus increasing the level of security, safety, and maintenance.

As for our physical barriers such as turnstiles, gate arm barriers, road blockers, tire killers, bollards, electrical fencing and sliding doors; it will provide an efficient mean in controlling traffic thus preventing unwanted individuals and vehicles from entering your premises. When integrated with other security systems such as access control, CCTV, intercom, license plate recognition, it can be a powerful tool that will generate reports, create alarms, allow and deny access without any human interaction.

Furthermore, our burglar alarm system plays a major role in detecting an unusual or intrusion activities locally or through remote access thus protecting valuables, deterring crimes, detecting fire or gas problems, and notifying all concerned parties immediately.

Access control systems can be more valuable and efficient tool when integrated with CCTV, building management, fire, and asset tracking systems.

At Royal Engineering, we can provide our clients with vulnerability assessment to design and build the right access control solution for each organization’s needs and demands.

Whether you need a system for single facility or multiple sites, we can provide end-to-end access control system that includes:

  • Main and slave controllers with database
  • Wiegand interface modules
  • Network interface cards
  • Mifare, proximity, and magnetic access card readers
  • Proximity long range access card readers
  • Fingerprint, hand geometry, voice recognition and retinal analysis readers
  • Access control servers
  • Mifare, proximity, and magnetic access cards
  • Magnetic locks, drop bolts, and electrical strikes
  • Input/output modules
  • Door contacts
  • Push buttons
  • Motion and smoke detectors, glass breaks, vibration sensors, sirens, strobes, and keypads
  • Waist height and full height turnstiles
  • Gate arm barriers, bollard, road blockers, and tire killers
  • Security and high frequency gates
  • Electrical fences
  • Touch screen ticket printers
  • Queuing displays
  • ID badging printers
  • Digital cameras
  • Industrial screens
  • User friendly access control and ID badging software
  • Encryption of data on the network
  • Integration with 3rd party systems

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