As audio visual has changed from a luxury to a standard tool for educational institutes and businesses with nationwide recurring meetings and events. Royal Engineering Empower its’ clients to take full control over communications, sound, lighting, temperature, projection and television systems. With our innovative solutions, clients can now cut time consuming and expensive travel expenses, enhance customer service and business performance, establish stronger professional relationships, improve safety and security, and provide professional entertainment for group gathering such as weddings and public events.

Educational interactive products for classrooms has become an important and essential learning tool that will help motivate and engage students in school activities. Our leading edge products ranging from white boards with projectors, interactive LEDs, interactive tables, software with educational content and wireless connectivity to tablets and cellphones can help presenters and students share content, work in groups, collaborate, utilize distance learning, have full mouse control of PC or MAC and much more.

Digital Signage, on the other hand using our 24/7 high definition industrial screens allow instant reach to staff and students with emergency massaging and enhance customers experience by using its advertisement and awareness tools. It is controlled and updated from anywhere and can display schedules, upcoming events, marketing material, entertainment content, real-time news feeds, social media feeds, weather updates, and blog posts.

As for IP TV system, we can now improve the viewers experience and allow them to have full control over the media with Video on Demand service, improve picture quality, allow scheduled recording and playback, cut installation and maintenance costs, and offer them much more content,

At Royal Engineering, we can provide our clients with vulnerability assessment to design and build the right audio visual solution for each organization’s needs and demands.

Whether you need a system for single facility or multiple sites, we can provide end-to-end audio visual systems that includes:

  • High definition projectors
  • Interactive touch whiteboards and LEDs
  • Outdoor IP rated screens
  • Paging microphones
  • Chairman, delegate, and delegate microphones
  • Audio mixers, pre-amplifiers, and amplifiers
  • Zone selection controllers
  • Ceiling mount and projection speakers
  • Voice storage units
  • Video Conferencing Codec Unit
  • High definition conferencing cameras
  • Wireless touch panels
  • Cassette and DVD players
  • CD/MP3 Player FM Tuner
  • Document centers
  • High definition industrial screens
  • High definition receivers
  • Racks and cabinets
  • Hideaway popup boxes
  • Master and slave clock units
  • Educational and corporate software
  • Integration with fire and IP telephony systems


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