Royal Engineering has implemented several mega data centers which are now considered the backbone of all organizations. We take into consideration the below critical systems in the design and implementation of all data centers and server rooms to ensure that our client have the most capable and cost effective solution.

Raised floor/access floor system provides infinite flexibility, adaptability, and ease of maintenance for copper, fiber, electrical, conduits, grounding and CRAC piping. In addition, it ensures a proper distribution system for conditioned cold air.

Understanding the effects of air conditioning and air distribution in data centers and server rooms is essential to ensure high performance and availability of information technology (IT) equipment and IT service delivery. Under floor air condition and aisle containment systems are the best tools to plan, execute, monitor and control your room air flow.

Loss of electrical power is a serious threat in data centers. Your electrical works must be reliable to guarantee a proper and effective solution. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS), automatic transfer switch (ATS), generator, power distribution unit (PDU), main supply board (MSBS), bypass, distribution board (DB), grounding and bounding, earthing, and proper lighting distribution need to be designed and implemented according to data center standards with expected future expansion and expected emergency situations.

Comprehensive understanding of all electrical and mechanical requirements of data center and its related standards is crucial to design and deliver state-of-art data center. Detailed components of fire-rated materials like doors, paints, ceiling and glass need to be considered.

Environment Monitoring System (EMS) enables administrator to keep an eye on data center environmental factors and get notified for unusual conditions via Email, SMS & SNMP. Environment management system includes temperature, humidity, water leakage, intrusion, power sensors and much more.

High sensitive smoke detection system for early detection system (HSSDS) can protect and save the business. The smart integration with building management system (BMS) enables the organization to perform, monitor, manage, and control the environment easily. Effective gas fire suppression system in data centers is also crucial to protect people and assets. Integration with fire detection system by using FM 200 gas is a proper solution for all data centers.

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